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11NR33 - MRF News Release - NHTSA Proposes Motorcycle Study

8 December 2011

Contact:Jeff Hennie, Vice President of Government Ralations and Public Affairs

NHTSA Proposes Motorcycle Study

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) reports that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has requested comments on a proposed motorcycle safety study.  

The study they are proposing copycats one that the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) is currently conducting, known as the “naturalistic study.” The MSF study has instrumented a hundred motorcycles with computers, cameras and all sorts of meters. Those specially-equipped one hundred motorcycles are being ridden by volunteers across the country as their personal bikes.  After one year, the instruments are taken off and the analysis begins.  NHTSA is proposing the exact same study, only with 160 motorcycles.  

This proposal does come as a bit of a shock, considering the feds have been struggling to conduct another motorcycle study that tracks actual crashes. That “crash causation study” has been languishing since 2006 and has yet to complete data collection, analysis and final reporting.  

“I do like the idea of the study,” said Jeff Hennie, MRF Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs. “Tracking volunteer riders and collecting some best practices for countermeasures is a great idea, but as with every study there will be some technical and logistical bugs to work out over the course of the study. It seems to me that it would be wise to wait on the MSF results and use them to craft a better, sturdier study.” 

NHTSA is already predicting that out of the 160 participants in their proposed new naturalistic study, 20 will have a crash and sustain injuries so severe that they must be reported. So far there has been no mention of the cost for the new study. 

The feds are asking for comments on the proposal. The comment period runs through January 17, 2011. Read the proposal and learn how to submit comments here: http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2011-11-16/pdf/2011-29361.pdf 

Do not hesitate to contact the MRF with any questions or concerns.



MRF E-MAIL NEWS Motorcycle Riders Foundation
236 Massachusetts Ave. NE | Suite 510 | Washington, DC 20002-4980
202-546-0983 (voice) | 202-546-0986 (fax) | 

11NR34 - MRF News Release - National Call to Action: Federal Helmet Mandates

13 December 2011

Contact:Jeff Hennie, Vice President of Government Ralations and Public Affairs

National Call to Action: Federal Helmet Mandates

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation reports that the US Senate Committee on Commerce Science and Transportation will be marking up The Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 2011 (S. 1449). This bill governs the National Highway Transportation Safety Administrations activities. This bill has the potential to greatly affect motorcyclists nationwide. 

There are three provisions that specifically target motorcyclists.

Call your Senators and ask them to:

  1. Oppose Lautenberg amendment #1. This amendment would alter the motorcycle safety grant program by forcing states to pass mandatory universal helmet laws and drive federal tax dollars to be used to promote the use of helmets. This provision would make it easier for helmet law states to obtain 2010 grant money. This amendment would provide no money for awareness or training. 
  1. Support DeMint amendments #1 and #18. These amendments protect the NHTSA lobby ban. Under the proposed legislation are provisions to lift this lobby ban.  
  1. Support DeMint amendment #2. The bill, (S 1449) would change the definition of "motor vehicle equipment" to include motorcycle helmets. This would allow States to spend federal money dedicated to "motor vehicle equipment" on motorcycle helmets. The DeMint amendment would keep helmets out of that definition.  

Call Now. Time is of the essence. Call you Senators via the capitol switch board at 202 224 3121. 

Of key importance are the Senators on the committee you can contact them directly:  

Senator Rockefeller-WV 202 224 6472
Senator Kerry-MA 202 224 2742
Senator Lautenberg-NJ 202 224 3224
Senator McCaskill-MO 202 224 6154
Senator Udall-NM 202 224 5941
Senator Begich-AK 202 224 3004
Senator Inouye-HI 202 224 3934
Senator Boxer-CA 202 224 3553
Senator Cantwell-WA 202 224 3441
Senator Pryor-AR 202 224 2353
Senator Klobucher-MN 202 224 3244 
Senator Hutchinson-TX 202 224 5922
Senator DeMint-SC 202 224 6121
Senator Wicker-MS 202 224 6253
Senator Blunt-MO 202 224 5721
Senator Toomey-PA 202 224 4254
Senator Ayotte-NH 202 224 3324
Senator Snowe-ME 202 224 5344
Senator Thune- SD 202 224 2321
Senator Isakson-GA 202 224 3643
Senator Boozman-AR 202 224 4843
Senator Marco Rubio-FL 202 224 3041
Senator Heller-NV 202 224 6244 

This is of extreme importance. Please call today, Tuesday, December 13th, 2011.

Do not hesitate to contact the MRF should you have any questions. 202 546 0983



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