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About Juneau ABATE

Who We Are
Born out of necessity, Juneau ABATE was formed during the winter of 2003 by Ken Brewer, Bob Valiant, and seventeen other like minded motorcyclists.  Ken was elected the first President, and under his leadership the organization has grown to what it is today.  Juneau ABATE was organized and operates as a non-profit Corporation under the provisions of AS 10.20.005 of the State of Alaska and under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The objectives and purposes of Juneau ABATE, as taken from our bylaws, shall be to form a united motorcycle rider’s organization for the following purposes:

The Corporation and its membership shall promote motorcycle safety education programs, public awareness programs and motorcycle rider training programs.

The Corporation and its members shall promote fair motorcycle legislation and shall work to prevent enactment of or to repeal existing unfair anti-motorcycle legislation.

Since starting the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Education classes in 2006, Juneau ABATE is up to an average of about 90 students each summer. All enrolled students also become members of Juneau ABATE, boosting our membership to an average of 195 members. 

In essence, Juneau ABATE’s goal is to make Juneau a safer community for motorcyclist.

ABATE meetings are now at 10:00 am every second Saturday of the month at Rod Fathers Broiler.


In Memory Of Ken Brewer
Ken Brewer, Founder and President of Juneau ABATE, passed away in Juneau on Saturday June 2, 2007. Ken was teaching a Basic Rider Education class when he suffered an apparent heart failure.


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